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We have approximately 17000 items in our product range.

We are having our producers manufacture our products with our own tools, moulds, models and our own technical drawings that are relevant to original CAT samples and technical drawings.

Our products range from very sensitive and fine cast parts to forged items, pads, fuel injection parts, seals, engine parts, brake parts, pumps, transmission parts, torque converter parts, frame and body parts, undercarriage components, seal kits, mufflers, core assemblies, radiators & fans, various gears, and many more. The manufacturing facilities are located in Istanbul-around our main warehouse where the most of the parts are made, tested and only approved for delivery after passing very strict quality control by our own quality control department. For the items that we do not produce domestically like Undercarriage, GET and other miscellaneous parts we are able to supply them from our USA Branch or Italy Headquarters.